Bye-Bye Carbon Footprint... Hello Cool New Bike

Growing up in California afforded me the luxury of being raised among the Coniferous trees of Yosemite, the palm trees of Beverly Hills, and the evergreens in my backyard. While Earth Month is dedicated to bringing awareness to how we treat our planet, it's important to be conscious of preserving the environment every day! That's why when I saw this bike, I couldn't help but swoon.
Ditch the car keys and opt for this super cool set of wheels. "The Natural" by Panda Bicycles, is composed of farm sustained bamboo and won't run you dry on gas prices. Not only is going green super stylish, but biking has numerous health benefits (hello quads workout!) What better way to reduce our carbon footprint than by getting rid of it all together. To purchase, click here

PS- Recycling need not  apply strictly to paper and plastic. Shopping at Flea markets and thrift shops (hello theme song of my life!) is a great way to keep down the production of excess material, plus, you are guaranteed to score a dynamite one-of-a-kind find!

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  1. I haven't heard of Panda Bicycles. I just started to road bike the other day and am pretty sore from not being used to riding. I only did 4 miles but it was a (small) start. Yes to flea markets and thrifting! =)