Booties Made for Walkin'

Unpredictable weather renders the Vintage Library prepared for anything, come this winter. With a historic hurricane behind us, it's on to brave the inevitable sleet-and-snow covered sidewalks of the city. With a bevy of booties in tow, trekking through the season's winter 'wonderland' will seem a little less daunting in fine footwear...

Top Row:
1. Apollo ankle boot asos.com $96.75
2. Leopard Ankle bootie Zara.com $99.90
3. Chelsea Boot in calf hair Madewell.com $398
4. Prada lace-up zip suede wedge BergdorfGoodman.com $730

Middle Row:
5. ASH spiral mid-heel bloomies.com $220
6. Stella McCartney Leopard wedge barneys.com $580
7. Burberry lace-up flavell bloomies.com $450
8. Alexander Wang Elin barneys.com $480

Bottom Row:
9. Aberdeen two-tone Madewell.com $210
10. Rebecca Minkoff Chelsea refine bloomies.com $350
11. Rag and Bone Harrow barneys.com $495
12. Rebecca Taylor Dalia sheepskin bloomies.com $595

the Glamour of Giving

The winds are quieting down and Hurricane Sandy is on her way out, yet destruction and turmoil is left behind. Many neighborhoods and families were adversely affected by the storm and are in need of assistance. For those of us fortunate enough to have emerged safeguarded, helping others is an essential component in overcoming the aftermath. Several organizations offer volunteer positions. If you can, take part in the relief efforts and do a good deed... Helping others is ALWAYS in style!

Below are links for Hurricane Sandy NYC Relief Efforts:

1. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dG5JTldNeTRMTFhPTVFYWE1rYl9CWnc6MQ#gid=0

2. http://www.facebook.com/nycservice

3. Send an email to Operation Blessing at Volunteer@ob.org. 

Got any extra articles of clothing and shoes lying around? (you know you do, fashionistas!) Donate them here: http://www.salvationarmyusa.org/usn/www_usn_2.nsf


Fine-Herb and Goat Cheese Omelet

When chilly temps and stormy weather sweep through the city (not to mention a record breaking storm!) one cannot help feeling dismal and gloomy. Enter: comfort food. This recipe is a cinch and will work wonders distracting a damsel in distress. Light up some tapers and voila--instant upper!

(serves two)

* 4 organic brown eggs
* 1 tbs light butter
* 1 tbs fresh herbs (equal parts fresh chervil, chives parsley, and tarragon roughly chopped)
* 2 tbs crumbled chèvre
* pinch freshly ground white pepper and salt to taste

Heat butter in a sauté pan on medium heat until small bubbles start to form. Pour egg mixture into the pan, allowing a white layer to form at the bottom as it heats. Sprinkle in fresh herbs and crumbled goat cheese. Let eggs continue cooking, about 2-3 minutes, or until eggs are no longer runny.
Remove from heat and gently slide omelet onto a serving platter, garnishing with freshly chopped chives.

Storm Supplies

A day sans internet is utterly unthinkable in our modern day. With iPhone 5 eternally glued in hand, iPad constantly a-click, a glam gal could go mad with nary a shoe to shop! Alas, with Sandy en route, it seems such a dire fate is sure to befall us.

Fear not, for here are some ultra-chic activities to help you weather any storm!

Indulge: Drowning in our bucket lists of every day life, how often are we awarded a moment of relaxation? Carpe Diem and hop in a tub by candle light! Lather up in Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino bath bar, as hints of Diptyque 'Baies' fill the air.

Reflect: Rather than jotting down endless to-do's, put your inner most thoughts and inspiration to paper via Smythson's Mara Soho Diary. Taking the time to reflect is a fab way to unwind and re-center your focus on the positive aspects of life. Transcribe happiness by writing down three things you are happy/ grateful for. Putting things into perspective helps us realize how blessed we truly are!

Revamp: A power outage is no excuse for unpolished digits. In fact, it's the perfect time for a mani-pedi.. If you have glow-in-the-dark polish, that is! Recharge your look with American Apparel's three luminous polishes and show Sandy who's queen of the dark.

Reconnect: the concept may seem très vintage, what with all our iPhone apps and cyber-space game rooms, but board games are a fabulous way to reconnect with loved ones. Check out this ultra adorbs (and portable!) Backgammon Set by El Casco.  


Ultra Face-Framers

"What's the latest on the Fall accessory front," you might ask? Dazzling danglers, of course! After pining over Emily Maynards wide array of geode, crystal, funky and fab drop earrings, I put my detective skills to the test rounding up the best of the best of Autumn's ultra embellished must-have pieces. Instantly taking your look from drab to fab, take a cue from the ultra chic Edie, and let these shoulder dusters speak for themselves as a statement all their own!

**For further info on any and all of above items, message me. Most styles can be found at Bergdorf, and Barneys