Fine-Herb and Goat Cheese Omelet

When chilly temps and stormy weather sweep through the city (not to mention a record breaking storm!) one cannot help feeling dismal and gloomy. Enter: comfort food. This recipe is a cinch and will work wonders distracting a damsel in distress. Light up some tapers and voila--instant upper!

(serves two)

* 4 organic brown eggs
* 1 tbs light butter
* 1 tbs fresh herbs (equal parts fresh chervil, chives parsley, and tarragon roughly chopped)
* 2 tbs crumbled chèvre
* pinch freshly ground white pepper and salt to taste

Heat butter in a sauté pan on medium heat until small bubbles start to form. Pour egg mixture into the pan, allowing a white layer to form at the bottom as it heats. Sprinkle in fresh herbs and crumbled goat cheese. Let eggs continue cooking, about 2-3 minutes, or until eggs are no longer runny.
Remove from heat and gently slide omelet onto a serving platter, garnishing with freshly chopped chives.

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  1. This looks amazing, can't wait to try your recipe!
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