Storm Supplies

A day sans internet is utterly unthinkable in our modern day. With iPhone 5 eternally glued in hand, iPad constantly a-click, a glam gal could go mad with nary a shoe to shop! Alas, with Sandy en route, it seems such a dire fate is sure to befall us.

Fear not, for here are some ultra-chic activities to help you weather any storm!

Indulge: Drowning in our bucket lists of every day life, how often are we awarded a moment of relaxation? Carpe Diem and hop in a tub by candle light! Lather up in Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino bath bar, as hints of Diptyque 'Baies' fill the air.

Reflect: Rather than jotting down endless to-do's, put your inner most thoughts and inspiration to paper via Smythson's Mara Soho Diary. Taking the time to reflect is a fab way to unwind and re-center your focus on the positive aspects of life. Transcribe happiness by writing down three things you are happy/ grateful for. Putting things into perspective helps us realize how blessed we truly are!

Revamp: A power outage is no excuse for unpolished digits. In fact, it's the perfect time for a mani-pedi.. If you have glow-in-the-dark polish, that is! Recharge your look with American Apparel's three luminous polishes and show Sandy who's queen of the dark.

Reconnect: the concept may seem tr├Ęs vintage, what with all our iPhone apps and cyber-space game rooms, but board games are a fabulous way to reconnect with loved ones. Check out this ultra adorbs (and portable!) Backgammon Set by El Casco.  

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