Met Ball Blunders

Opinions, please! As Tinseltown's finest walked the red carpet at the Costume Institute Gala on Monday night, some stars hit the mark, while others... Not so much. Here are some looks I'm on the fence about. What do you think: Love it or leave it?
 {the 1940's called and want their skirt suit back!}
 {From the front Beyonce looks incredible. I love the Ombre train. From the back, "Well, that's one way to show you've lost all the baby weight, B!" - People Mag}
 {The before shot for a Jergen's Lotion ad}
 {I love this dress... for an US Weekly party. Her accessories totally dress down the look. This is the fashion OSCARS!}
 {Maybe if it were long?}
 {Gift wrapping gone wrong}
{Double Yikes!!}

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