Sealed with a Kiss

My lips are on the larger side and with that much surface area it's no wonder I am constantly clutching for the chap-stick (especially in the drier, cooler months). I leave a lip balm in every bag, blazer, and pocket I have, just to be sure I wont go a minute without sealing in some hydration. With the amount of lip products I purchase I can definitely attest to the most effective and below par products.

Bag It:
I discovered Bag Balm many years ago and I still use the smooth salve. Originally intended to ease chapped utters while milking cows in Vermont, Bag Balm has evolved into a multi-purpose product ranging from lips to babies bottoms! My favorite thing is to rub some into the soles of my feet at night. I then wear a cozy pair of socks for maximum absorption, and when I wake up the next morning my skin feels baby soft.
My friend pulled a small tube of Aquaphor out of her bag to heal a cut I once had. I asked her what it was and she replied, "I dunno, something they use in my Dad's office." Being the renowned plastic surgeon that her father is, I knew this had to be serious stuff. Indeed, Aquaphor locks in moisture for hours, leaving lips silky smooth. And because it lasts so long, you are spared sifting through handbags to apply more and more.
Finally, I've saved the best for last-- Lucas' Papaw Ointment. After studying the Carica Papaya tree in 1906, T.P. Lucas discovered its natural healing properties, deeming the wondrous plant "one of the most outstanding trees in the world." He went on to develop many cures and remedies from the papaya extract found in the native Australian trees. Ever since my friend from down under brought me back a tube, I never board a flight without it! Thanks D :)

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