Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you FallinLove and Blogo'sphere for this wonderful award! I am overwhelmed and humbled by your continued support. The best part of my day is getting to read all your lovely, funny and touching comments and emails! I read each one and it puts the biggest smile on my face! So thanks again. Love you all...

Xx, Effie

In keeping with the tradition, here are 7 facts to know about me:

1. I hate peanut butter, but love Reese's Pieces
2. I rearrange my furniture about once a month. I'm always experimenting with new looks and like to keep things fresh and exciting. My favorite covet piece right now is the Ghost Buster by Kartell
3. I always have a candle burning and when I travel it's my must-have item. My signature scent is Byredo's Bibliotheque (it means Library!)
4. I love dressing uniquely. It is the best feeling when people stop me in the street to compliment my outfits or ask for my advice in stores
5. I am THE BEST bargain finder. My greatest purchase was an Iisli skirt marked down from $365... I paid $5!
6. I am getting married in 163 days :)
7. My favorite activity is going to look at open-houses. I love getting inspired by others styles and basing outfits off of different patterns and home decor

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