(Not So) Lazy Sunday

What began as a slow start this morning evolved into an uberly jam-packed afternoon. I was so grateful for my Rachel Roy studded gladiator sandals. With all the walking we did, the cushioned soles gave me the perfect amount of support to get through the day sans complaining of blisters and foot-aches (which was an unexpected and welcome change for my poor boyfriend). Our jaunt through the city included a Coffee Bean pit-stop-- to evoke the LA weather we're having-- eyeing the jewels and gems at my favorite flea markets, scoping out furniture at the Jonathan Adler store, and we even snuck in a 15 minute stint at the Met before its closing.
{Gap jean top, YSL leather skirt, Rachel Roy gladiators, Banana Republic necklace, Nordstrom cuff, Rebecca Minkoff bag, vintage trench coat}


Jetting Off on the Jitney

As summer in the city draws nearer (ever so slowly,  go away rain and 50 degrees!) the thought of long sunny days lounging on the beach-- sunnies, iced tea-lemonade and ipod on hand-- comes to mind. Just dreaming about the lazy strolls along Main Street makes me dream about the perfect weekend wardrobe to accompany it. Transitional items are a must for anyone looking to maximize wow-factor and minimize packing space. A few key pieces are all you need to look your East Hamptons best.

#1 Embellished Cuff
The rose gold and gems on this cuff are a fresh combo for summer, adding sophistication and glamour when paired with a billowing caftan. Wear it stacked or as a statement piece. Look for less, here.
#2 A Bit of Sparkle
Something about wearing white in the summer just feels right. I'd pair this dress with a crisp peach blazer and a cool clear plastic clutch (check out Chanel's Cassette Clutch) for a late lunch/ early dinner.
#3 Shoe Stoppers
I am of the camp "more is more" when it comes to shoes. The crazier the shoe gets the more I love it. Charlotte Olympia just does it right.  
#4 Sunnies
Shield your eyes from harsh sun rays in style with this gorgeous eye candy.

#5 Tye-Dye
Summer wouldn't be summer without tye-dye. It's like the 'something blue' at a wedding. The fabric is light and easy for those warmer climates. Added bonus: this top doubles as a cute beach cover-up!


Fame Chaser

The iconic photographer, Herb Ritts achieved his own notoriety by photographing other famous celebrities in the height of Hollywood Glamour. “Herb Ritts: L.A. Style” is now on view at the J. Paul Getty Museum and the wide array of portraits, editorials and nudes explain how the perfectly apt title proves Herb as the epitome of true LA style. Here is a sample of the black and white images flanking the exhibit walls. Be sure to check it out.


A Sheer Thing

{dress: Valentino, bag: The Row}

There is something so romantic and whimsical about transparent fabric. The contra of being covered yet simultaneously exposing a hint of skin, creates depth and illusion to the cloth, especially when done in a soft fabric (silk, lace or voile) and in rich, deep colors. It's the perfect way to flaunt your femininity without revealing too much. After all, a lady doesn't kiss and tell!

Notice the simple accessories and shoes. Minimalism is key in this department, allowing the statement to be the fabric itself.


Style Report: Denim Time

Time to dig down into your closets for that classic jean jacket that's been buried under piles of clothing. Some Stylists argue that denim never even fell off the map, but this wardrobe staple looks great layered over any outfit. Although jean may seem utilitarian, don't be afraid to glam up a denim jacket by pairing it with sleek silhouettes such as leather leggings, an a-line dress, and strappy Stilettos. And because it is such a tough material it can withstand some serious blingage, so go ahead, pile on those bangles, bracelets and necklaces!


Phil Oh la la

Here are some of my all-time favorite looks from Milan, Paris, London, Tokyo and New York Fashion Week Spring 2012. Calling Phil Oh! Please be my photog.


Macaron? Mais Oui!

{ps- loving the Ikat table cloth}


Nude Mood

This morning felt like it was going to be a muted tones day. Maybe it's the heat, or maybe it's the deliriousness of getting two hours of sleep from my flight back to Ny... I'm not really sure. Either way, I happen to be a big proponent of going against the grain at times, and felt very badass wearing a neutral outfit when such in-your-face colors are showing up everywhere this season.

{blouse: Busceme, skirt: Anthropologie, nail polish: O.P.I. Bare it in Trafalgar Square}